What to see in El Sauzal

El Sauzal is a small municipality in Tenerife that, despite not being excessively large, has many corners to enjoy, landscapes to be surprised by, activities to do and flavors to taste. Below we list some of the best experiences you can have in El Sauzal and the most beautiful places to visit.


Los Lavaderos Park in El Sauzal

This park is perfect to get lost with your partner, friends or family for a few minutes and enjoy the beautiful views you will find, especially at sunset when the Sun is setting.

Este parque es perfecto para perderte con tu pareja, amigos o familiares durante unos minutos y disfrutar de las preciosas vistas que encontrarás, especialmente en la hora del atardecer cuando el Sol se está poniendo.

Church of Saint Peter the Apostle

With a beautiful architecture that highlights its white dome and the stone tower that houses a campaign inside, the Church of San Pedro Apóstol was one of the first and main religious centers on the island, since it was founded in the year 1515.

Furthermore, not only is the architecture of the Church itself beautiful, but also the location where it is located, it is one of the most beautiful places in El Sauzal.


El Sauzal Town Hall

The Town Hall of El Sauzal itself, located in the old town, also has beautiful architecture worthy of admiration, typical of an old Canarian mansion decorated with two beautiful wooden balconies, surrounded by flowers and with an extensive staircase that gives access to the main entrance.

El Sauzal Wineries

Within the gastronomy of El Sauzal, it is worth highlighting the numerous wineries that can be found in the municipality and that offer various wine tourism experiences to taste some of the best wines produced in the town.


Museums in El Sauzal

Among the museums that can be found in the town is the Museum of Canarian Wrestling, the main and best-known indigenous sport internationally, and the Sierva de Dios House Museum, which was the birthplace of Sor María de León. and to whom numerous miracles are attributed.