Get to know the commercial areas of El Sauzal

An “open commercial zone” (ACZ) is a delimited urban space that brings together an integrated offer of shops and other independent businesses that cooperate with each other to improve their attractiveness and share services, and that addresses its market through a brand image and a unique strategy. They are spaces of opportunity, dynamizers of the municipality, of production and exchange and socialization that must be in continuous change to adapt to the needs of the market and consumers. Commercial activity in the municipality of El Sauzal has defining characteristics that are determined by the configuration of the territory, clearly differentiating the three ZCAs that we present below:

ZCA of El Casco

Located in the lower part of the municipality that includes Avenida de las Palmeras and Inmaculada Concepción Street. It is a fairly active area since its fundamental nucleus is the Municipal Market that attracts not only residents of the municipality, but also foreigners, especially on weekends.

ZCA of La Carretera

Colloquially named this way because it covers a large surface of the General North Highway. The restaurant sector has always stood out in this area, although in recent years there has been a considerable increase in commercial activity, producing a change in terms of productive activity and the service offered..

ZCA of Ravelo

Which is located in the upper area, occupying the fundamental nucleus of Real Orotava Street. It is an essential shopping center in the upper part of the municipality, since it supplies more than 70% of its population and has increased its consumption capacity considerably in recent years.